Disassembling iOS system frameworks and libs with Hopper

by Dima Kovalenko at May 13, 2016

This extremely short guide is for iOS 7-9, both ARM32 and 64 bit Apple processors. The things you need to start:

  • Mac with the latest version of Hopper installed
  • a jailbroken iOS device with OpenSSH installed

Let's start. Most of iOS system libs are sticked together in a DYLD shared cache (a big file mapped to a process address space). SSH your iOS device and

# find / | grep dyld_shared_cache

For example, in iPhone 4 with iOS 7, you can find the DYLD shared cache here


In iPad mini 2 with iOS 9, the caches are here


(the iPad mini 2 runs ARM64, so there are two caches: for 32 and 64 bit modes).

Copy the cache from iOS device to a local Mac, open it with Hopper, and choose the library to disassemble:

Enjoy :)


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